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madhuski's Avatar madhuski 02:41 PM 11-16-2012
For sale is a front Ported Songcenter. It is about a year old, and bought about three months ago from an audiocircle member. It is in about 9/10 condition - no visible scratches or marks.

It sounds fantastic, but is listed due to wife not approving cosmetically - it doesn't match the towers.

I am asking 575 + shipping (or local pickup). I have excellent feedback on ebay under 'mkannapiran'.

It would come shipped in the original box.

Bump with a couple of notices:

1) Someone asked me what those marks on the drivers are -- I don't know. They were like that when I got the speakers, and the marks are on all the drivers of the songcenter and the songtowers. They sound fantastic so I assumed thats just how the drivers are.

2) I'm out of town for the holidays, and will get back on Jan 2nd, so wouldn't be able to ship until after then

3) I have a couple of offers which are acceptable to me -- if when I get back the aforementioned parties are still interested.

4) The offers involve shipping which I'm fine with (have the original box) but would obviously rather do a local sale - hence why I'm bumping. If no one local is interested I'll accept the out of town offers and ship it when I get back in town

thanks for reading

RFK54's Avatar RFK54 01:00 PM 11-23-2012

I am interested in the song center only. I currently have a pair of the towers and am using a phantom center setting on my receiver for watching movies.
While the color isn't a match, mine are light curly cherry, the black should be fine for movie viewing. What are the advantages to the front porting?

Although your asking price OF $575 is very fair I could only offer $500 total including shipping to Porter, IN 46304.

Let me know if you are unable to sell speaker for more.

RFK54's Avatar RFK54 01:23 PM 11-23-2012
Sorry Madhusky.

I'd meant to send this as a private message.

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