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rtart's Avatar rtart 03:33 PM 01-10-2013
Victim of upgraditis. This unit is my second Onkyo Prepro - had a 885 as well. In fact, I'm upgrading to another one to play with height/width channels.

Mounted in a forced-air cooled rack. Never a hiccup of any kind. I'm persnickety about my gear, as many on this forum can attest. 9/10 at least. Check me out on ebay. My ID is rtinatl. Member over ten years, 264 transactions, never a negative.

Great video processing, Audyssey volume, Audyssey XT, HDMI, and no bugs (like many other prepros requiring multiple firmware updates, etc.)

I'm the second owner. I have the box, manuals, microphone, everything that came with it.

Last one sold on ebay for $612 plus $50 shipping. Asking price $600 including shipping within the CONUS. PP gift would be nice, but I'll eat the fees if necessary.

It is currently in my rack, so not much is visible, but I can take pix if you like. Please reply via PM.

rtart's Avatar rtart 09:11 AM 01-16-2013
Make me an offer - I might take it!
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