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Audiojan's Avatar Audiojan 01:08 PM 01-22-2013
Selling my much beloved Krell HTS7.1 with everything (remote, manual, box, etc. etc.) in excellent shape. The sound quality of this pre/pro is legendary and it makes for an outstanding 2-ch pre as well (the analog section was based upon a Krell 2-ch pre).

Only selling because I'm moving and new home will allow me to split my stereo and my HT. The Krell will frankly be a bit overkill for my HT...

whiznant's Avatar whiznant 11:09 PM 03-18-2013
Pm sent. Let me know ASAP.
ferdy777's Avatar ferdy777 04:28 PM 03-21-2013
pm sent
Houseinmotion's Avatar Houseinmotion 03:31 AM 03-30-2013
Pm Sent
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