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r3zon8's Avatar r3zon8 01:47 PM 05-31-2013
Selling my Emotiva XPA-2 Stereo Amplifier

Used for 3 months in my home for home theater use, mint condition. In original, double-packed box as received from Emotiva. All manuals, cables included.

3yr6months warranty remaining with Emotiva..Good through Oct 2016

fsaidon [AT] gmail.com

doctablade's Avatar doctablade 06:00 PM 06-02-2013
hey...why you selling it after just 3 months?
my main input device will be my desktop pc....do i need a preamp?
Garman's Avatar Garman 07:15 PM 06-12-2013
Just curious if you sold it, just bought one for 500 from a dealer. I tried my friends unit for a couple of months and was pretty impressed verses some other units I have had in my system at 10 times the cost. Just curious why your selling unless your going to Mono blocks.
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