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Goat1's Avatar Goat1 02:39 PM 09-02-2013
XV15,perfect,works flawlessly. Not a scratch on it. SOLD!

jephdood's Avatar jephdood 02:50 PM 09-02-2013
Goat1's Avatar Goat1 07:14 PM 09-02-2013
I'm in St Paul, Minnesota.
basshead81's Avatar basshead81 08:42 PM 09-02-2013
any reason for selling?
Goat1's Avatar Goat1 09:29 PM 09-02-2013
Have some medical bills, but thinking of getting something in gloss black.
jink's Avatar jink 09:41 PM 09-02-2013
What finish is the sub?
Do you know how much shipping would be? ($100+?)
Goat1's Avatar Goat1 09:46 PM 09-02-2013
Its textured black. You can see them on power sound audio website. Depending on where its going. To Florida,I'll ship it for $50.
Goat1's Avatar Goat1 09:50 PM 09-04-2013
basshead81's Avatar basshead81 08:45 AM 09-07-2013
man if I had room for a 4th I would take it off of your hands...good luck with sale.
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