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BB1111's Avatar BB1111 10:50 PM 09-11-2013
Marantz MM7055 5 Channel Amplifier

Year old, was being used to power a 5.1 system. Asking $650 shipped in lower 48 states.

Includes original box and manual.

BB1111's Avatar BB1111 11:56 AM 09-25-2013
Bump... price is firm. Shipped to lower 48 states.
bmb0429's Avatar bmb0429 09:40 PM 09-26-2013

Hello I am interested in possiby purchasing this amp from you.  I am out in California.  Is there any cosmetic damage, scratches etc to the unit or is it like new?  Will it still qualify for the 3 year Marantz warranty?  Can I have your contact info?  Thanks

BB1111's Avatar BB1111 11:43 AM 09-30-2013
I can send you pictures if you like. There is no damage or scratches of any kind. I don't think the Marantz warranty is transferable
bmb0429's Avatar bmb0429 10:52 PM 10-04-2013
Hello can you send me your phone number so I can ask you a few questions regarding your amp for sale. My email address is This is if the Mp is still available. Thanks
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