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sidorama's Avatar sidorama 07:53 PM 09-13-2013
I have a brand new 12" bic pl 200 for sale. I ended up with an extra sub in my HT shopping and need to get rid of it. All standard manufacturer warranty 8 years. Receipt also available. This is ranked as the number 1 home theater sub in the $300 range. Selling for $275!! Please PM if you are interested and can pick it up. I am in the LA / OC area. I can drop it off if it's local.

fitbrit's Avatar fitbrit 07:16 PM 09-14-2013
Would you ship to NY? How much would that be? Zip: 12919
sidorama's Avatar sidorama 09:46 PM 09-17-2013
I'm not entirely sure about how much the shipping would be. I don't think it will be cheap. UPS ground would probably be $50+. If you are interested we can work it out.
sidorama's Avatar sidorama 02:09 AM 09-19-2013
Any takers? Send me you best offer.
yehster's Avatar yehster 01:13 PM 09-19-2013
Hi, I'm in the OC/LA. Give me a call. 714-507-8933
sidorama's Avatar sidorama 12:07 PM 09-20-2013
Hope you enjoy the sub! Take care.
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