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Up for sale is an immaculate 1,000W powered Sunfire HRS-10 subwoofer in the North Atlanta area. $600, not $300. Made a mistake and AVS doesnt let me correct it.This is a High Resolution sub, it will shake your neighbor's socks off. There is not a single scratch or blemish. Works flawlessly. I am upgrading to a $4,000 Sunfire, so this one is yours for close to nothing because I need to free up the spot for the new subs.What is included: The sub, power cord and the grill. No box. The manual is available online on Sunfire site. I will include AudioQuest audiophile subwoofer cable and subwoofer stand by VTI.These are sold for $950 on ebay without shipping . Save today.This video is of the actual sub (sorry about bad audio quality, shot with an iPhone). If it worked so loud with quiet classical music imagine what it can do for you!Description10 Inches. 1000 Watts. Countless Hours of Enjoyment. If your subwoofer puts out less than 1000 Watts, it's not an HRS Series subwoofer. HRS subwoofers produce prodigious sound in a cabinet no larger than the size of these pages. The amplifier in all three HRS models incorporates Sunfire's unique Tracking DownconverterTM technology. Remarkably, this amp design remains incredibly cool while delivering up to 50% more voltage than Sunfire's competitor's designs. More voltage means more control of the subwoofer itself. And more control means deeper, more accurate bass, something you'll truly appreciate every time you listen to your favorite music and movies. The HRS Series is a bass lover's reason to celebrate. In addition to possessing many of Sunfire's patented and celebrated technologies, the High Resolution Series takes its cues from Sunfire's flagship, XT-Series SubRosaTM subwoofer. Like Subrosa, all three HRS models feature an obsessive attention to component selection, High Back-emf woofer design, and share its innovative acoustic tailoring we call Frequency Filtration DesignTM. Exclusive to Sunfire, FFDTM greatly improves accuracy and gives HRS subs a remarkable 'sonic intelligence' that you'll hear and feel every time you listen to your favorite music or movies. All this technology is wrapped in a gorgeous Piano-like gloss finish - so it looks as good as it sounds.DesignWoofer 10"Configuration Single ActiveCustom, High Excursion WooferHigh Back-emf DesignStillBassTM Anti-Shake -AmplifierPower Output 1,000WrmsTracking DownconverterTM Power SupplySoft Clipping CircuitryFeaturesAuto Turn-OnAuto Room EQ -Microphone -Level ControlCrossover Adjustment 30-100Hz inf. var.Crossover BypassPhase Adjustment 0-180° inf. var.ConnectionsGold Plated ConnectionsXLR Input -RCA Inputs/Outputs 2/2Speaker Level InputsDetachable Power CordInternational Voltage Selection12V Trigger Input -Removable IEC Cord
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Is this a local sale only?
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Local only
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PM sent
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Is this still available?
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pm sent. Is it still for sale?
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