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Stevetd's Avatar Stevetd 03:19 PM 07-28-2014
This is Marantz’s latest and greatest AVR. Spec-sheet. I bought the SR7008 late last year from good old AVS (thanks JD!) and after a couple months of use I had an issue with it that required sending the unit into a service center. I received a refurbished unit back in its place and it was bad. This is my third unit. I’m done. I've moved on to the Pioneer SC-79. I’m sure Marantz makes good stuff but, sometimes you've got to cut and run. Anyway, I took this one out of the box, set it up in a smaller system that I have in a BR and let it run for a couple hours. I went through all of the menus and checked for an update. Reset and re-boxed and now it’s happily awaiting its new owner. $1,000 plus shipping and ins. I accept PayPal (+3%) or USPS MO. Sorry for the not so great pics. I can't figure out my wife's DSLR. Thanks for looking!

<------My little buddy Amigo (in my avatar) left us yesterday. He was only 8. :-(

Edit: Reducing price from $1,200 to $1,000 +shipping, ins firm.
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rtart's Avatar rtart 03:41 PM 07-29-2014
Sorry for your loss
Stevetd's Avatar Stevetd 08:04 AM 08-30-2014
Thanks rtart.

This is still available.
Ma171aC's Avatar Ma171aC 11:12 PM 08-30-2014
Sorry for the loss.I'm interested but stuck in India for another 35 days and just got my epson 5030ub birthday present sitting thousands of miles away from me waiting for setup on a reciever thats not 3d compatible. First world problems. If i dont find something cheaper (replacing an Onkyo TX-NR1007) and the boss's approval I'll let you know.
madhuski's Avatar madhuski 07:03 AM 08-31-2014
How does the 7008 compare to the denon 4311?

Sorry for your loss. We lost the mastiff in my sig link on May. Going today though to meet our breeders new litter
Stevetd's Avatar Stevetd 07:48 AM 08-31-2014

I can't answer your question because I have never owned the Denon or any Denon, besides the 7008 ;-), for that matter. I can say that I thought the sound was very good and I especially liked all the features and the GUI. I know it's a good unit because there are lots of happy owners. I just had some bad luck but, I really did like it when it was actually functioning. Good luck today picking out your new friend!
ZachF88's Avatar ZachF88 11:26 AM 08-31-2014
How does this compare to the SC-79?
Stevetd's Avatar Stevetd 11:42 AM 08-31-2014
Both have good sound and drive the speakers well but, to be truthful these were/are for my living room which is only a 5.1 and is mostly used for casual viewing/listening. I use an Anthem D2v 3D in my main HT. The GUI and web interface of the 7008 is light years ahead of the Pioneer. I miss the sirius/xm capability of the 7008 too.
Stevetd's Avatar Stevetd 06:22 PM 08-31-2014
Sold to the_abbot.
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