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08-06-2014 | Posts: 9
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I've got a pair of AR1 Hi-Res. These things were awesome. Great mids, good highs and a 500W RMS powered sub in each speaker. I picked them up with blown tweeters and replaced - they served me well for a couple of years.
Now there's at least one of the two blown tweeters again, one amp is dead and one sounds like a helicopter in the distance when idle - it's dying.
They were over $2k new. I've already got something else for mains and am building my own subs. I've had enough of built in amps. There's a company on the east coast you can ship the amps (not the whole speaker) and they'll repair and warranty for under $200 each. The replacement tweeters that were AR, but not the original HiRez were $75 each.
Do what you will. If nothing else, they look a lot like the parts-express tri-axial kits. SOLID enclosures.

Here's the real catch - I WILL NOT SHIP NOR DELIVER. Local pick up in 55104.

Also, a pioneer AVX 1021 or some such. Nice 7.1 receiver (with HDMI), have the remote and original packaging.
Left channel seems to fade out sometimes.
I didn't do any troubleshooting besides replacing the speaker cable, trying a different speaker and a different input (ipod vs optical). Could be any number of things. I don't care. I want it gone and already have something else for my mains.
Also free. No shipping. 55104 - all real, all in good looking condition, no scams or what not.

Please save me from the deluge of random craigslist responses and anyone come get these.

I can make arrangements to leave by the street, or email me at duende314 at hot mail or 2eighteen, 4twenty-eight, 5299 (TEXT!). I work at a hospital - reception isn't always good. Text is best.

Seriously. Free. Kinda planned to fix it up again later, but since my first home brew sub is working out so well, not needed. Good looking equipment, I need my space back!
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08-12-2014 | Posts: 9
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Alrighty, figured free in Saint Paul might go..

Time to put them at the curb. Kind of a sad ending.

Consider them gone.
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