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TMcNasty's Avatar TMcNasty 05:13 PM 01-23-2014
I have a hardly ever used BD-SP807 I'd like to sell. I checked eBay to get an idea of its value, but there are no completed listings. This unit is in mint condition.

I have everything if I'm not mistaken...even the box. I'll even include the SD card I have in it. Not sure of the size at the moment, but I'll check. The unit has the latest firmware. I just checked for updates.

I've literally watched like 5 BluRays on this unit. I work nights so I just watch stuff online then and/or bring BluRays in to watch on my HP laptop. The last thing I want to do it seems is watch more media at home. The wife is at home with the baby daily, but she prefers the PS3 because she can bring up kiddie shows on Netflix for our 3-yr old.

In fact 2-3 years ago she told me the Onkyo was busted. I finally checked it out last week. The HDMI cable had fallen out of the back of the unit. Like I said. ALMOST never used. cool.gif My buddy talked me into this unit back in the day, but I've hardly ever used it because I just don't seem to watch movies at home. It would better serve one of you I think.

Please make offers. I'll be shipping it from NJ USA. If your offer is excellent the shipping is on me. If not you can pay it. smile.gif

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TMcNasty's Avatar TMcNasty 06:31 PM 04-02-2014
No offers eh?
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