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sethfeinberg's Avatar sethfeinberg 01:22 PM 06-06-2012
Hey all,

I have a brand new Synology DS1511+ 5-bay NAS storage device and a Synology DX510 5-bay expansion unit. edit: I already sold the DX510, I only have the DS1511+ available If you're curious for more info, DM me and I'd be happy to expand, I just figure anybody actually interested in purchasing these units would already have a good idea what they are looking for.

Full Disclosure: I was using a DS1511+ for about 6 months and when I went to expand with the DX510 I had issues with the eSata ports. During the trouble shooting process I decided to bail on my previous plan of expanding with the DX510 and purchased a DS1812+. The DS1511+ and DX510 (which is gone, sorry) are brand-new bench-tested units direct from Synology.

I have nothing but amazing things to say about the DS1511+ and am very happy with it, just need a bit more storage. The price I listed is just slightly under what you can get these units for sans tax/shipping on Amazon (AND THOSE ARE USED, see the links). I would be more than willing to hammer out some kind of deal for a fellow AVS member so just DM me if you have any interest. But if there is no interest, on eBay it will go.

Thanks for reading,

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