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point1's Avatar point1 09:45 AM 08-18-2012
Looking for a pair of each of these. PM your asking price, condition and location!

soundasapound's Avatar soundasapound 11:38 AM 12-18-2012
Take care, I had mine stolen 2 weeks ago - serial no - 223274 + (+1). So check before you pay, and if the're mine could you contact me !
JSKMDWK's Avatar JSKMDWK 06:28 PM 12-27-2012
Hi I am selling a 5.1 M&K THX set up. Are you still in the market?
bruce19's Avatar bruce19 05:27 AM 01-11-2013
JSKMDWK, did you sell your M&K 5.1 set?
JSKMDWK's Avatar JSKMDWK 07:18 PM 01-04-2014
I have another set of MK S-150 THX I am getting ready to sell along with MX-105 mk II sub.
FortKnUX's Avatar FortKnUX 04:32 PM 03-06-2014

Hi there, do you still have it? If so could you please PM me with your asking or best price. Thanks.

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