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Welcome AVSForum Readers!

To think… it used to be “just” a book!

What started, years ago, as a simple ebook about designing and building a dedicated home theater has grown into the single best resource you can find to help you bring your home theater to life. Before getting into everything you now get…

You might be wondering who from the AVS community was involved in this project. While some folks have requested they remain anonymous, others you will recognize in the book. Alan Gouger, the man behind AVS, wrote the forward. Brian Ravnaas (when he was with Audio Alloy) provided expertise and technical review. Ethan Winer from Real Traps provided expertise and technical review, and is featured in an audio interview. Mark Techer is featured in an audio interview, and Kal Wallner is featured in another audio interview. Reaper provided some of his 3D renders. BigMouthInDC provided his expertise and technical review, and is featured in an audio interview. SierraMikeBravo provided his insights in another audio interview. Home Theater photographs where provided from: CptnRandy, Damelon, DamnSam77, Dhanson, DKaps, GPowers, Greighn, Kmulder, Strange_Brew, and other anonymous owners. Mark Seaton is featured in a video interview, and Bryan Pape is also featured in a video interview. Ted White of Soundproofing Company deserves special mention, he provided not only his expertise and technical review, but also many of the amazing graphs and details of sound isolation found throughout the book, and Ted is also featured in an audio interview.

So what is in The Ultimate Course On Designing and Building Your Dream Home Theater? Good question!

In the Main Course you will get 25 Lessons, each about a specific aspect of designing and building dedicated home theaters.

Lessons on subjects like: Home Theater Risers, Prosceniums, Soundproofing, Lighting, and more

That alone would be outstanding, but when you order, you are not limited to that main course…

…you get LOTS more than that.

Imagine sitting down with some of the leading experts in the world of home theater, and learning directly from them! Think about these experts sharing their direct home theater knowledge and insights with you.

When you order, you get hours of video interviews with the authorities of home theater.

You get to learn directly from these experts – they have spent thousands and thousands of hours in the world of home theater, and you get to learn from them, unedited, talking home theater.

The experts had so much to say and share that there are multiple videos for each expert! If you tried to get one-on-one with all these home theater authorities you would need to plan on lots of driving, or flying, and paying them well for their time. In this section, you can have their advice for a tiny fraction of what it would cost to try and bring them together.

Even just one hour of dedicated professional consulting with a home theater expert would cost you several hundred dollars.

Now that would be an incredible value, and the amount you would learn on your home theater journey would be incredible, but there is still more!

When you order, you also receive an incredible 24 videos showcasing incredible home theaters. These short videos will inspire you, and will show you want others have done with their own home theaters. The theaters range from small DIY projects through massive renovation projects.

And there is still even more…

You also get videos of three home theater projects (including one case study that is used in The Main Course itself), put together from the owner’s photos, get built from start to finish. The still photos are great, and to see them in sequence as these spaces are transformed from empty rooms to incredible home theaters is fun and amazing!

As if those videos weren’t an amazing resource enough, there is MORE…

You get to download hours of audio interviews with the leaders of the home theater industry. You will be learning all about home theater, from the very people who define the home theater industry.

These are all candid interviews, with various experts and leading authorities in the home theater industry. As you’ll hear, this is simply these experts talking about home theater, and sharing their expertise with you!

There are two options for you to order, you can select either a single payment of $79 or three payments of $39. Make your choice below, and get started on your home theater journey today!

Option One, a single payment of $79: CLICK HERE TO ORDER

Option Two, three payments of $39: CLICK HERE TO ORDER

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