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I have (2) Ultra112 awesome power conditioners made by Audio Power Industries for sale. If you are reading this you are in the know regarding line conditioners and these baby's do not come up for sale very often. Both units are in great condition and include the power cord.



The Power Wedge Ultra 112 is designed for smaller systems or remotely located power amps. The isolated outlets can be used for source equipment or electrostatic speakers.
Two 150 Watt and two amplifier outlets.
Dimensions: 5.25" high x 12.5" deep x 8.75" wide. Weight is approx 35 lbs
Asking $375.00 each

The API Ultra Series features:
A proprietary isolation transformer configuration that provides maximum common mode cancellation of unwanted signals through fully balanced operation.
A separate isolation transformer is used on each isolated outlet for complete inter-component isolation.
A unique non-resonant filters designed specifically for audio and video applications clean the incoming AC power.
Each isolated outlet is filtered with its own proprietary high frequency filter for maximum noise reduction.
Individually configurable isolated outlets allow the selection of either balanced or polarized AC.
Special outlets for amplifiers designed to ensure maximum current flow.
Protection circuitry including metal oxide varistors (MOVs) and multiple circuit breakers.
Metal chassis for maximum shielding against radiated noise combine with full RFI grade internal shielding between each isolated outlet.
12 gauge detachable power cord utilizing a high capacity locking Neutrik connector.

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