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02-04-2013 | Posts: 339
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I'm upgrading my system and have the following dual projector passive 3d system for sale:

2 Acer H5360 projectors (1 has 950 hours on it and the other has a new bulb with 10 hours on it -- the brightness on both is very close)
2 Optoma 3D-XL: 3D converters (without the optoma 3D active shutter glasses)
1 HDMI splitter that is fully 3D and HDCP compatible
2 1.5 foot HDMI cables (used to connect the splitter to the Optoma 3D-XL boxes)
2 10 foot HDMI cables (used to connect the Optoma 3D-XL boxes to the projectors)
5 pairs of Omega 3D glasses
2 Omega 3D lenses for placement in front of the projector lens
5 Pairs of RealD passive polarized glasses
2 Circular polarized filters compatible with RealD (or any passive polarized) glasses
2 Adjustable Clip on C-clamp lens holders for holding the Omega3D lenses or Polarized filters in front of the projector lens

I've used this system for a few months and have decided to go with a BenQ W7000 projector. The system is ready to support a full passive 3D experience using the any screen or wall with the Omega 3D glasses and lenses or if you have a silver screen, you can use the polarized lenses and glasses to do 3D.

I'm asking $1300 for everything (including shipping). I'm located in Chicago.

PM me if you have any questions.

-- John
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