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HI every1,
I seem to have a problem with my DVD aspect ratio's and im pulling my hair off(im almost bold now).
Ill try to explain.

The screen aspect ratio that i have is a 2.35:1 so when i watch a dvd movie with a 2.35:1 aspect ratio the screen is filled fully from bottom to top and i enjoy/like it that way...BUT,when i go to watch a movie with a 1.78:1 or 1.85:1 ratio ,i get a picture that is not filled on the sides(leaves about 5inches on sides empty) and the top or bottom(i forget witch one) comes out of the screen(shining on the wall area where its not mented) area meaning i have to go to the ceiling mounted projector,zoom the picture making it smaller and even move the projector bracket down or up to make the image centered again.

I know i can make the sides ok by pulling the drapes/curtins(spell check) in so you cant see the 5inch empty screen,BUT what about the top and bottom image and needing to move the projector always? how do you do this,can you'se explain to me please.
What i would prefer is having an image always the same top and bottom and just move the drapes on the side filling the empty 5inch space but not moving the projector at all.

As you can see im new at this and just got my screen up today and im allready frustraded..so if any1 has any idea's or pictures of how they did theres or just explain to me what im doing wrong...that would be great.

Thanks for listening and i hope you can understand what im trying to say.
I could show you what i mean by posting a picture but ive got nowhere to upload the images.
THANKS again for any of your help
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You are going to have to give us a LOT more information about your setup to enable anyone here to help.

Projector, DVD source, scaler, etc. etc.

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thanks for responding.
I have a LCD SVGA Hitachi with only a sony DVD and a yamaha amp connected to it at the moment until i figure it out(no other external devices for now).
What im trying to say is: i can have it done two different ways(that i know of).

1.Make the 2.35:1 movies fit perfectly on my 2.35:1 screen and then when i wanna watch a movie with a 1.78: or 1.85:1 the width will be the same BUT the top image will come of the screen and project on the wall,and i dont like it that way.

2.Make the 1.78:1 and 1.85:1 fit on the screen height wise(top and bottom) perfectly and have about 5inches of empty space on the side of the (2.35:1)screen.
Then when i watch a DVD movie with an aspect ratio of 2.35:1,the width will be the same as the others(5inches on both sides empty) BUT now the top and bottom black(dark grey) bars are showing on the screen.Dont like that either.
So basically im not using the full width of the screen if i want to set it up for all aspect ratio's.

Now what i would like is...have the setup to suit a 2.35:1 ratio(filling the complete screen top to bottom and left to right)and when i want to watch a movie with a 1.85:1 ratio, i would like the image to scale/convert to a 2.35:1 ratio!!! that way the top image wont come out of the screen,IS THAT POSSIBLE? but the image will probably look a bit squashed.
Can a external scaler or any other devise (PC ?) do that? if so can you let me know...

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Your No2 method is what cinemas do - adjust the width to suit the aspect ratio by moving the side curtains.

That isn't always easy to do with a home cinema projector, but a HTPC will help because it will give you total control of the height and width of the projected image (if you use a program like YXY).

I use a 16:9 screen which is filled perfectly when a 16:9 movie is projected onto it. When I project a 2.35:1 movie, I use the HTPC to position the image where I want it on the screen, which can be at the top, middle or bottom. If you did this, and decide to (for example) always position the 2.35 movie at the bottom edge, you can then use some black cloth (like felt) or whatever to mask the unprojected top area of the screen. This seems to be the most common method here as far as I can tell.

f you want to keep the 2.35 screen, then maybe you will have to make a rail system so that you can move the pj back and forth quickly and easily to get the height of the image lined up, along with a two position release/fix mechanism (like a pin through a tube, or locking nut and thread) for height adjustment. You can then mask the unused side areas of the screen just like in a real cinema.



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Based on your description of your system,
the obvious solution is to use a HTPC.

I surmise that you have a business grade projector and are using composite or Y/C(SVHS) connections.

If so, your system does not allow for the AR control that you want. Those features are usually available in higher end HT projector/Scaler systems.

However, using a program like YXY, you could set the PC to output an image that is always going to be @ 2.35:1 A.R.
That way, you can play your DVD at any AR and stretch it to 2.35:1 or keep it at its original AR, but pillarbox the image within the 2.35:1 screen.

Now this would be Ok for DVD playback only. If you want to use other kinds of sources i.e. OTA, VHS, LD etc, you will need to get something called dScaler and run it on the HTPC.


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