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12-26-2001 | Posts: 36
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Ok, This is my first post so bear with the newbie =) I am getting ready to buy a front projector either a 1272Q or a NEC 9PG+ it is going to be ceiling mounted in a room with high ambient light. Blocking the light is not an option so a curved screen is what I believe would produce the best results. Lack of off-Axis viewing is not a problem although I would be open to suggestions as to which screen maximizes off-axis viewing. I have seen a Sony VPS-72HG1 70" high-gain curved screen and if any one has one for sale or knows the whereabouts of one I would like to go that route. Otherwise I am looking at a VuTec high gain curved 72" or a Da-Curve and would like opinions as to which one is better. Also why hasn't Stewart come out with a curved screen for home theater or have they? That would be a simple choice. Well, Thanks for the bandwidth. Chris
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12-27-2001 | Posts: 764
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High ambient light?
Why are you thinking of a CRT projector based on the conditions you listed?
To get the most out a CRT PJ i.e. the 1270, you need to be able to control ambient light.
CRT PJs usually output less than 500 real world lumens.
Why not go for a digital projector (LCD/DLP) that can output up to 1000 realworld lumens. i.e. JVC DLA-G15 or Sanyo PLC-XP18N.

Have you compared the two technoligies?

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