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expat0007's Avatar expat0007 07:11 AM 03-07-2002
I am trying to decide whether to go with a Grayhawk or a Firehawk screen. I have good light control and watch movies only in the evening. The calculations show 15.8 and 22.5 ft lamberts for the Grayhawk and Firehawk, respectively, but what do these numbers actually look like?

My calcs as follows:

PLV60 = 1200 lumens (divide by 2 for reality) = 600 lumens
110" 16:9 screen = 36 square feet
Grayhawk screen gain = 0.95

(600/36) *0.95 = 15.8 ft Lamberts

This is apparently within SMPTE guidelines, but can anyone personally confirm this calculation (i.e. can anyone with a 110" Grayhawk/PLV60 comment on the brightness?).

The firehawk yields (600/36)*1.35 = 22.5 ft Lamberts. I am concerned about this perhaps being too bright, and hotspots. Anyone using the 110" Firehawk/PLV60 combo?

I want to order a screen immediately to start the 4-5 week waiting process. Your help appreciated.


Scott B's Avatar Scott B 09:54 AM 03-07-2002
Go for the GrayHawk. The PLV-60 puts out far more than 600 lumens out of the box, and if you calibrate it using SMART you end up with an even brighter image (there is a lot of room for increasing the gains for R, G, and B). I have tried my PLV-60 on a 10 foot wide microperforated GrayHawk (gain of 0.85) and the image was bright enough when the lights were dimmed low.
Radar's Avatar Radar 10:05 AM 03-07-2002

Your concern about the image being too bright is my concern as well. I was going for a 100" Grayhawk originally.

After testing with my 2'x2.5' Grayhawk sample and speaking with the Director of Operations at Stewart I came to the conclusion that my image would be too bright. The image on the sample is great when the scene is of average brightness, however, bright daytime scenes become very bright because of the close to unity gain and the output of the PLV60; it was causing eyestrain for me.

My other options were; keep with the Grayhawk and use a neutral density filter to reduce light output or go with a lower gain gray screen such as the Dalite HC Da-mat. After more testing with HC Da-mat samples and with prototype DIY screens I think I will go the DIY for now.

I'm quite happy with a DIY screen that I've constructed with hardboard and matte latex paint from Home Depot that was color matched to the HC Da-mat.

In the future I may look at commercial screens with filters again, but for now I would rather save my money and not make a bad decision.

I hope I'm not causing more confusion, but when I first got my projector I got caught up in the Stewart Grayhawk frenzy and was ready to place my order. I'm happy I took the time to do a bit of homework and take a deep breath.

I would strongly suggest getting screen samples and taking your time in evaluating them with various DVDs.

expat0007's Avatar expat0007 10:34 AM 03-07-2002
Thanks for the advice, folks. I think I will go with a 110" Grayhawk and mess with the brightness if necessary. I want to get the thick-frame screen because it looks dramatic and has a great WAF, and will absorb the overscan especially on the top of the screen, caused by my table mounted PLV60.

Just need to confirm the size this weekend and place the order. Lately, I've been running a 120"+ picture on the wall, so I need to make sure that 110" is acceptably large given the recent upward trend in screen size at my house. Too many friends seem to be impressed with size over quality.

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