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02-21-2013 | Posts: 3
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I purchased my Elite 120" in Nov 2012 (very recently). Fortunately, still under warranty. Just contacted the reseller about the waves. Lots. Bottom, towards center. It's not an issue that has "gone away" by any stretch of the imagination (forgive the pun..."stretch").

I am not keen on doing the noted repair myself, nor am I keen on incurring shipping on this beasty boy to send it back for replacement. Wish I saw this thread before I bought Elite.

We'll see if they make it right...but from above, not counting on it.
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02-22-2013 | Posts: 141
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I have recently filed a warranty claim for this exact problem and am happy to report that Elite is replacing my screen!!
I filled out the claim form and uploaded photos of the screen and within a day or so they replied and said they will replace the screen.
It is about a year old and I also bought it from someone else.
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02-22-2013 | Posts: 253
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Originally Posted by bcarithers View Post

I have recently filed a warranty claim for this exact problem and am happy to report that Elite is replacing my screen!!
I filled out the claim form and uploaded photos of the screen and within a day or so they replied and said they will replace the screen.
It is about a year old and I also bought it from someone else.
i'm curious...did they ask you for serial number? In order to process the claim? I have a elite screen and I have hot spotting...
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02-23-2013 | Posts: 120
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I purchased an Elite Cinetension 2135 inch screen in December, some wrinkles, almost like it had been rolled up for years and years, and a little wave at the bottom. After reading all the reviews I wasn't surprised. To much trouble to return. I think if you can get this screen at a good price it is a reasonable gamble. I'm pleased with it if the motor doesn't go out in a few years. I think it is a good cheap screen.
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10-04-2013 | Posts: 1
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Thanks God...  I ordered today my new Elite Screen TE135HW-E12 after my supplier's proposal and I thought to have a look at some reviews for this... 

I already send him the reviews to check and of course I canceled the order, asking him to propose any other screen than Elite...!!! 

Please if somebody has any good proposal, I would appreciate to hear it.

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12-12-2013 | Posts: 38
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I purchased the Elite Screens TE120HW2 (120" Cinetension 2 Tab Tensioned matte white screen) about a month ago on Amazon. I was agonizing over the week it took to get delivered because of what I have read on this thread. Thankfully my screen is 100% wrinkle free. It looks and performs perfectly. The motorized mechanism is smooth and quiet, and this screen pairs up beautifully with my BenQ W1500 projector. Both screen and projector replace old and reliable Da-Lite and InFocus counterparts. The Da-Lite was a smaller manual screen that did develop small, barely noticeable wrinkles over the 7-8 years i used it. I am hoping this tensioned model will give me many years of wrinkle-free viewing!
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01-23-2014 | Posts: 11
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I was able to correct the wave problem in my 120" Focupix tensioned screen. My screen had waves that seemed to originate from the bottom of the screen as some of the photos on this thread showed. The Focupix also looks like virtually the same screen as the Elite 120, so my remedy may well work with that one as well.

I actually had the wave problem from the very beginning when I purchased it two years ago. I sent the company pictures and they offered to send me another for the cost of freight after I tried a couple of remedies they suggested but didn't work. To my dismay, the 2nd screen had the same problem. If anything, it was even worse. Again, I contacted the company and they gave me the option of either sending it back or keeping it and giving me a 50% credit. I decided to keep it and here is how I fixed it:

When the screen is down, start at the center at the center of the bottom of the screen. Using both hands, gently pull toward the outside edges on the black fabric above where it attaches to the weighted bottom bar. In other words, while facing the screen, pull to the left with your left fingers and toward the right with you right fingers. Pulling towards the outside edges makes the fabric more taut where it enters the weighted bar. . Continue doing this until you have pulled toward the outside edges on the entire bottom length of the screen. The wrinkles should be less noticeable at this point. Now do it again, starting at the center and pulling the black fabric frame towards the outside. After doing this a few times, all of the waves had disappeared from my screen.

I left the screen down and went to the hardware store and bought a small tube of black silicone. I then ran a thin bead of silicone along the bottom edge where the black fabric went into the weighted metal bar. I did this on both the front and back sides (an assistant helped hold the screen away from the wall while I siliconed the back side). I then let the silicone set for 24 hours and then raised and lowered the screen. In the two plus years since, I have not had any problem with waves at all. It appears that what happens is that the fabric moves enough on the weighted bar so that waves appear in the screen sooner or later. The silicone acts like glue and prevents such movement. Less than a $10 fix and the screen now looks great. I'm happy.
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01-23-2014 | Posts: 1,405
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Cliff-You make me glad I purchased a NON-tensioned 120" Focupix almost 3 years ago that has NEVER had any wrinkles or waves. Just the very slightest of "turn-in" at the edges that you have to look for from the side to see. I was very concerned about wrinkles/waves in a non-tensioned screen but it has been a non-problem. Maybe I just got lucky???

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01-25-2014 | Posts: 14
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Just curious, but what causes most waves/wrinkles in the screens? I just purchased my first ever screen, 120" and it's motorized, however I plan on just leaving it down all the time.... are the waves caused by lowering/raising the screen over and over? Or is it just temperature related, humidity, etc?  Mine is almost perfect, can't notice any big waves or anything (when looking from the back of screen can see a few small ones but not noticeable from front... will waves accumulate over time even if I leave it down at all times and never roll it up?

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