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aegisx's Avatar aegisx 09:10 AM 01-07-2012
Has anyone had experiences with ascending screens, like the Elite Kestrel's? Any gotcha's or important things to know?

musicalfox's Avatar musicalfox 01:32 AM 12-06-2012
I know you posted this a while ago, Aegisx, but I have just bought a Kestrel FE85C from Amazon. It is a beautifully manufactured case, extremely heavy-duty, but perfect for my application where a ceiling drop or wall mounted fixed screen are impossible. I also wanted to zoom up to a Cinemascope 2.35:1 aspect ratio and maintain constant height on all formats.

With all that said, I do find the waves in the screen distracting, but perhaps that is the compromise you have to live with if you want a floor-rising non-tensioned model. I am going to play around with some more source material over the coming days, but if the waves in the fabric are too overbearing I may return the FE and just find a way to mount a fixed screen in this non-ideal environment.
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