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Bender907's Avatar Bender907 01:41 AM 02-14-2012
Wondering if anyone is running a silver screen with their home theatre and how it would look? Hot spotting etc?
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Pete's Avatar Pete 03:06 PM 02-17-2012
I've got a friend that's using SilverStar. You'd think that it would hot spot, but strangely it doesn't...very uniform and bright as s_ _ t. I would think that it would be a great choice for light challenged projectors and for 3D.
ScreenExpert's Avatar ScreenExpert 02:57 PM 02-20-2012
Da-Lite offers a silver fabric, Silver Lite 2.5. It maintains 99.3% of polarized light and with a 2.5 gain on the material, which compensates for lost light in the filtering process. This fabric is a great choice because it eliminates ghosting and crosstalk that is common with 3D projection technology (if that is applicable to you).

Even if 3D isn't your thing, the high contrast and gain this material offers is still a great choice for 2D projection. It is best used in high ambient light conditions and/or with a projector with low output.

Da-Lite screens are generally more expensive but hey, you pay for quality nowadays.

Some of the da-lite models that use this fabric are the Versatol, Deluxe Model B, Model C, and Model C with CSR. Do a quick google search to find some stores that sell them
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