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SmokenAshes's Avatar SmokenAshes 10:17 PM 02-21-2012
Had to do it a difficult way because there is a window sill in the way where the screen comes down but with Vapex's help (Dave you rock) we found a way.

We mounted two 10ft 2x4s on top of eachother on the wall, each secured differently with 5.5" lag bolts. I hung on it myself so I know that sucker is secured. Then we mounted the screen to the 2x4s. It was extremely difficult to screw in the screws of the "L" brackets into the wood. But we got it up there!

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SmokenAshes's Avatar SmokenAshes 10:22 PM 02-21-2012
Before and after pics

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tomtoo's Avatar tomtoo 02:02 PM 02-22-2012
How big is your screen? And what projector are you using? Wondering if this screen is bright enough at 133" for my projector
SmokenAshes's Avatar SmokenAshes 05:01 PM 02-22-2012
120" screen, going to be using a Epson 8350 projector. Will be mounting the projector tonight.
thetater11's Avatar thetater11 11:41 AM 02-24-2012
How far from the screen are you mounting your projector? Will it be ceiling mounted or on a stand/shelf? And what's the distance from the screen to where you sit? Just want to get an idea since I'm considering going with an EPSON 8350 and 120" screen as well.

domingos38's Avatar domingos38 01:45 PM 02-24-2012
for a 120" screen i'de mount it around 14'
it also depends on the screen's gain
SmokenAshes's Avatar SmokenAshes 05:12 PM 02-24-2012
I mounted my projector around 14' from the screen on the ceiling. I'm also sitting about 12' from the screen. Because where the studs are located I couldnt make the projector center of the screen but the lens shift worked wonderfully. I also used a power bridge for power and running the HDMI cable. has some great package deals!
N8ER's Avatar N8ER 09:56 AM 03-08-2013
I am really leaning towards this screen over the elite cinetension 2. I started a new thread but no responses frown.gif. Are you happy with it so far? What made you go with this screen over any others? Would love to hear your feedback. Thanks
Project H's Avatar Project H 02:16 AM 03-16-2013
I would also like to hear your feedback on the visual apex screen. Im looking into the fixed frame 120"
Project H's Avatar Project H 10:37 PM 03-18-2013
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briandaniella's Avatar briandaniella 03:00 PM 10-15-2013
Originally Posted by Project H View Post

I would also like to hear your feedback on the visual apex screen. Im looking into the fixed frame 120"

I have a 120" Fixed Frame Vapex. I have had it for like 3 1/2 years now. I think the price went up a tad it use to be $400. Don't quote me.
I love the 3 1/2" boarder. The only problem I had once was the bottom corner the screen started to come loose. I took it down re-tightened it by spinning the metal rod just a tad in the corner and then hook it back into the channel that it goes in. Since then it has been great. I think over time it might have stretched a little due to the heat I get in my theater room in the summer time. It is up stairs in my house.

I haven't been able to compare it to high end screens but I can tell you that this screen is made very well. I beleive it is a 1.1 gain and the back side of the screen has a all black vinyl plastic to keep the light from penetrating through.
briandaniella's Avatar briandaniella 03:05 PM 10-15-2013
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