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My BenQ W7000 arrived last week, only to have to be returned because it was faulty. In the meantime I've started playing around with screen locations, and trying to approximate the look of the image by using a slide projector. Now, it's a long time since I've fired up my slide projector and I was quite surprised at how much light is spilt. See attachment.

The light on the walls beside the screen is almost exclusively spill light, not reflected. If I hold my hand to one side in front of the projector, a distinct shadow is thrown on the wall (and to a lesser extent on the carpet). Most of the light on the carpet and ceiling is, of course, reflected light.

I am wondering if a projector such as the W7000 would spill as much light, or is the light more tightly controlled in digital projectors? It really was a bit of a shock to see the whole room light up. I was expecting fairly dim conditions outside the screen area.

If I do happen to choose this location (I have several other possibilities), I would drape black material across the ceiling beams for a metre or so from the wall, and have the same material forming a border around the screen for maybe half a metre. And other suggestions as to how to reduce the light being thrown around?

But to get back to my reason for posting: would a digital projector displaying pure white under the same conditions have as much spill?

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No, your digital projector will send light to the screen and now where else. You will still light up the walls with reflected light if the walls are a light color.
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Thanks for that. What is the reason that a slide projector spills so much light? Are the lens on digital projectors better; is the light more focussed; do they have a longer, blackened light path where light can't disperse as much?
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No idea, just know that my OLD 2005 DLP puts the light on the screen. There is some chromatic aberration with my projector depending on the amount of zoom where it does put a faint patch of light on the right upper wall about 4' from the screen.. but that is a lens thing and not the norm...
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When the W7000 arrives for the second time, I'll take a comparison photo and post.
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Just curious about the actual screen color. I was reading about lighting and reflective light on Stewart Filmscreen's website and they noted they had introduced gray colored screens and that they provide better quality pictures in rooms where the walls are white or light colored rooms. I was also reading that somewhere with a gray colored screen you would need to turn the brightness up and contrast down or vice versa.

I am VERY new to projectors and how they work I was just curious if I misread anything or if anyone has any experience with different colored screens. Very curious because all the walls in my apartment are white.
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