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Special FX_45's Avatar Special FX_45 03:04 PM 09-14-2012
I'm sort of a newbie to the world of projectors and screens and was wondering if there is a 2.35:1 that's motorized and has ambient light rejection viewing like the SI Black Diamond series? Does something like this exist? I apologize if this is a rookie question. Thanks in advance.
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AV Science Sales 5's Avatar AV Science Sales 5 05:58 PM 09-14-2012
Yes, you can get a Da-Lite electric screen with High Power fabric. To get the gain, you need to mount the projector just slightly above seated head height. If you want to get into this more, shoot us an email.
Screen Saver's Avatar Screen Saver 06:33 AM 09-24-2012
You might also like to look at Draper's Radiant CT2900E surface. The appearance and performance is similar Da-Lite's High Power, but the gain is higher (reported at 2.9).
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