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clrv's Avatar clrv 07:41 AM 12-02-2012
I need some advise as there are not many choices to view screen material around me. I am anxiously awaiting my JVC RS66 to arrive and have decided to change my screen to a 2:35.1. I am currently using a 110" Stewart Studiotek 130 1.3. My projector will be mounted on the ceiling and lens will be about 14' from the screen. My room is a bat cave and I watch 90% film, 8% 3D, and 2% sports. I am looking to go with either a dig size of 125" to 133". I am interested in a masking system but to buy one now would be out of my budget. The Da-lite new Masquerade masking system will work with a lot of different manufactures so I will most likely add this later (thanks Mike for turning me on to this).

So what do you think?

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