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adrianvacaliuc 12-03-2012 01:03 AM

Hi all. Long time reader (off and on from when a 5uy panny plasma meant something), first time poster. I have a second floor 17x20 room that I am remodeling to a media room and I need some advice. The subfloor is coming up to be replaced from water damage, so any construction work is fair game.

I *think* I want a 100 inch screen with a projector of some sort. I've read a bunch of stuff about getting a stewart screen. If the screen should go on the 17 side, it must be electric and retractable. The 20 side can tolerate a fixed sized screen, but that would mean that people would enter the room from the same wall that the screen would be on.

My budget is flexible, but I like the price/performance quality threshold that the 80LE633U sharp aquos LCD tv provides. That piece should give you a good idea of the price range of the components I am looking to use. Here are my questions:

1) Which wall (17 or 20) should I place the screen on (if it matters)
2) What screen should I be looking to get? (considering my electric vs fixed requirements from above)
3) What is the best projector in a similar price/performance bracket as the sharp tv I described above?
4) What is the best color to use for the walls? I was planing a deep burgundy red.
5) I would prefer to have wood flooring. Is this an issue for sound? Do I need to give up that fantasy and use carpet which I hate?
6) Should I go bigger on the screen (130)? I enjoy large screens more so than "typical" advice usually dictates. (my 5uy was a 50 that I originally used at 5ish feet and absolutely loved it, when people were constantly talking about "screen door effect" at the time).
7) Am I being stupid and overlooking something glaringly important?

There is a sliding glass door on one opposite side of a 17 wall, and a 6 foot window on the other side of where a screen would go on the 20 wall (kind of off to the side, but close enough to make placing anything there not an option). Neither of these two features are feasible to remove unless there was an EXTREMELY compelling reason to do so (in line with the price/performance guidelines of the example tv I described above).

I tried to keep the information above as dense as possible. I would really appreciate any advice the community would give me, since I am in the design phase right now. Thank you all for any help.


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