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Adam-DiVine's Avatar Adam-DiVine 06:56 AM 12-11-2012
I currently have a 108" Silverstar paired with a JVC RS1x. I really love the picture the silverstar gives, but I would also like to try having my speakers behind the screen and create more of a false wall look. As the title suggests, are there any AT screens that would compare picture wise?

Adam-DiVine's Avatar Adam-DiVine 07:03 PM 12-22-2012
BobL's Avatar BobL 07:15 PM 12-22-2012
Stewart 5D micro-perfed would be the closest to the silverstar for gain.
Adam-DiVine's Avatar Adam-DiVine 10:37 AM 12-24-2012
Anyone have any experience with both screens Vutec Silverstar and Stewart 5D?
BobL's Avatar BobL 01:51 PM 12-24-2012
We have used them both what would you like to know?
Adam-DiVine's Avatar Adam-DiVine 07:56 PM 12-27-2012
Originally Posted by BobL View Post

We have used them both what would you like to know?
Basically, I have always liked the pop that the silverscreen gives the picture. I have a 122" 2.35:1 silverstar and the viewing angle is wide enough for each of my seats to get a roughly equal picture. I have never been bothered by hotspotting or sparklies. Will the 5D give the same amount of "pop" to the picture? Not sure if I am wording this correctly...
BobL's Avatar BobL 09:12 PM 12-27-2012
The silverstar has a little more gain so it will have a little more 'pop' because it is brighter. The viewing angles are similar. The Stewart has better uniformity but neither is bad. They are comparable screens. The 5D is probably your only choice for something close to the Silverstar with AT. The 5D with microperf is going to be more expensive. Also, with the microperf screens I suggest you put the speakers at least 8" behind the screen, preferably 12".

Your screen size is not bad so when you upgrade projectors the newer ones with the 5D will be brighter than your RS-1 with the Silverstar.
Adam-DiVine's Avatar Adam-DiVine 06:21 PM 12-30-2012
Perfect, that is what I was looking for. I am going to see if I can get a sample of the material to play with.
biliam1982's Avatar biliam1982 01:30 PM 01-04-2013
BobL, ever seen the Stewart Silver 3D? If so, how does that look and compare since it has a higher gain? The website doesn't say it can get the Microperf, so how does the Cinemaperf do? More noticeable from further away? Can you place the speakers closer or need to be back more? Interested in learning about them since they seem to be the only AT screens w/ high gain. Thanks.
BobL's Avatar BobL 08:08 AM 01-05-2013
The Silver 3D is made for more commercial applications where viewing distances are further. That is also true of the cinema perf, the holes are bigger and would be easy to notice in most residential applications. it would still be preferred to have the speakers further back behind the screen.

I don't think anyone has found a way to apply a gain coating to a weave screen. So the only AT screens with gain are the perforated vinyl. Stewart definitely has the best in this category as most other manufacturers perforations are larger and not good for HT.
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