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MBRICHARD 12-24-2012 09:25 AM

I am just about ready to order my screen, and THOUGHT I had it picked out, but I am a bit confused on the whole 16:9 vs. 2.35:1 issue.

I had all but ruled out scope format, as my projector is the Epson 8350- from what I have read here, that is not a good choice for scope content. I do watch a lot of BR Movies that are presented in that format, so I was a bit let down, but had decided a 110" fixed frame was the way to go. (I do some PS3/360 gaming as well, so the giant 16:9 would certainly have it's benefits...)

THEN I saw someone post about the Monoprice "multi-format" fixed frame, and I got confused all over again. Is this even an option for me? I was doing some final "wall tests" last night- using the BR Reference Visual Disc I scored here from Superleo- and noticed immediately that of course some content was 16:9, some 2.35:1. SO- Would the multi-format Monoprice screen work with my setup at all? Will it require constantly manually adjusting my zoom on my 8350 when going between formats?

Sorry for my "noob-ness". This is my first foray into any sort of "real" theater build. (and even so, it is still quite modest compared to what most of you guys are doing. ) I have done a ton of research, but this particular issue is still proving to be quite elusive. Any suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated- I am ready to pull the trigger on my screen, so this is the final decision to be made- if this is out of the questions, I'll just stick with the 110" Elite Sable I had previously picked out. But the scope masking is just SO attractive. Decisions, decisions... eek.gif

If it's relevant- the room is 18' D X 13' W. my projector, at the moment, is on top of a custom 18"x18" book case in the rear corner. My screen wall is 126" W X 90" H. Hope this is enough info. Thanks again for all the help thus far- you guys have really helped me get all this sorted out. biggrin.gif

MBRICHARD 12-27-2012 09:30 AM

Well, for the curious- I ended up going with an Elite 110" Sable. Turns out after some extensive testing, the 106" is too small for our liking, and the 120" is JUST too wide to fit on my wall.

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