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socwrkr 12-28-2012 07:17 PM

Hey you guys,

Im trying to put up my elite screen tonight over a 63" plasma and so i bought the 6 inch brackets for this screen from elite. Of course no instructions were included. I used the hardware it came with and it clears the tv (barely) but want to make sur this is ok. Obviously it is hanging at an angle a bit. I will be moving later on and will do a better install but can you confirm that this okay as i have no directions to compare it to. BTW: I stupidly did this on my own with no one to help me, balancing one end of the screen on a speaker as i hung the other, hoping my measurements would work out.
Thank you!!

Mr.G 12-29-2012 10:13 AM

The instructions are provided on the Elite Screens website.



You don't mention the exact screen so I'm assuming it's the low cost Spectrum Series. I'm not sure this screen was intended for this wall/ceiling bracket and your installation has a Jerry-rigged look, in other words you've tried to fit it to your application. Since the mounting brackets are on the rear of your screen case it leans forward and takes away from the distance it could be extending out from the wall. I would try to eliminate the hook and secure the case bracket to the front of the wall bracket as shown in illustration number one. But this may involve moving one or both of the wall brackets to line up the holes with the screen case. Or you could just leave it.

socwrkr 12-29-2012 11:19 AM

I have the vmax2 series 120 inch and this was the bracket mea t for it. I'd like to mount it that way but I'm a bit worried about the weight. Also im pretty sure they didnt include the hardware to mount itvflush to the bracket as shown in the first diagram. I agree I didn't think it looked right so I will go home and see if this will work. Either way thanks for your help

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