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keyong 12-31-2012 12:16 AM

International movement from China to Australia now is more extensive than ever. During the shipping, there are many complex processes need to be dealt with. For example, you should make customs clearance, deal with customs transit etc. As we know, when shipping cargo from China to Australia, sometimes it is inevitable to make Tran-customs transportation. Your shipments would be delayed if you do not know how to deal with the customs transit.

In order to ship from China to Australia smoothly, let’s see how to transact the formalities of customs transit. For imported goods, the applicant should declare to the Customs accurately and submit the following documents: transportation documents such as bill of lading, invoice, packing list and so on. If you want to transact the customs transit goods that are part of the import license management, you should submit the import license as well. For bonded goods, you should submit the registration manual of processing trade which is issued by Customs.

When applying the transfer of customs clearance procedures, you should fill in the declaration form in triplicate. Then you can take all the documents to transact the customs transit formalities from customs at the point of entry. After the customs examine and verify the documents, you can transact the formalities for the Tran-customs transportation from China to Australia. For customs transit of exported goods, you should add the declaration form for the exported goods in duplicate.

To sum up, international transportation always requires us to offer all the necessary documents. Any negligence would cause some delays of your shipment, especially for customs transit. All in all, if you need to make customs transit in the process of China freight shipping, you should follow the formalities of customs transit strictly.

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