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mastermaybe's Avatar mastermaybe 07:52 AM 01-28-2013
Hi all:

Here's the scoop:

looking to snag a PJ here in the next month, really for the long-term but I'd like to use it in my current space before I move in the next 6 months or so.

Here's what I have going on, space wise:

I'm about 12-13' from the tv, obviously a screen would need to be placed in front of the television, and ideally, acoustically transparent, as it will cover the L/R mains and Heights.

I realize that likely throws a huge wrench into things...especially when considering what I'd also like to do with this screen.

Which is: I'd like to be able to simply unhook it from the ceiling and move it outside when the time's appropriate (so light weight would be nice, too). Again, I think this throws out the whole transparency thing as I'd need a relatively rigid, durable surface for the aforementioned.

Still, any ideas? I suppose I could work on moving my gear cabinet to create more space for the screen and eliminating the need for acoustic transparency. I know the obvious answer is: get a motorized/drop down screen for the inside and built a cheap screen for outdoors, but I'd really like to avoid doing that as I'm going to to a permanent screen in my new app down the road.

I know there is material available in a 4x8 sheet that I could cut, fortify with bracing on the rear, and paint, inexpensively- just wondering what would be the lightest/best performing?



kmannth's Avatar kmannth 03:39 PM 01-31-2013
Epson duet. Pretty cheap and easy to setup/take down and move. It is only 80 inches 16:9 but you can store it when you don't use it without losing a whole wall or breaking your back. I messed with transportable diy for a while (super not fun and bad) the epson and me are friends when the pj travels. It isn't perfect but for the money and logistics of the thing I have not regretted mine.

What is the width and height of your speakers?
mastermaybe's Avatar mastermaybe 11:44 AM 02-01-2013
^ thanks. 62" between the L and R, but hung close to the ceiling, it shouldn't really obstruct the drivers anyway at 80" as the bottom of the screen will sit above them.

I'm assuming of course that I can use it without the stand as I REALLY like the aesthetic of hanging it and it eliminates my 16 month-old from "getting involved", lol.

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