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1Mrgreg's Avatar 1Mrgreg 07:05 AM 01-29-2013
Looking for your guys help, I have been lurking around these forums for awhile but this is my first post.

I recently moved in to a new home and I have my setup in a family room, needless to say there is a good amount of ambient light. My current screen is a FAVI 150in brought over from my old place.

Problems I'm running in to are that i have maxed the throw range on the 5020 due to the size of the room. The room is open to kitchen so there is light coming in from everywhere. Good chance i would look at a smaller screen.

I have really been looking at the Da Lite high power screen for that extra pop to get me through daytime viewing. I just really question how this screen looks if say I am standing up off the center of the screen. Is it going to be equivalent to my current 1.3 gain screen or possibly worse?

I read about the viewing cone being around 30 degrees, can someone translate that in to how many feet wide that would be if I am 14-15 ft from the screen.
Any other suggestions for screens with high gain that would help out my situation?

1Mrgreg's Avatar 1Mrgreg 03:11 PM 01-31-2013
Anybody have any advice? I really think I will need the gain of the HP to fight the ambient light. Just concerned about the viewing angles being really bad. I know it will not be as bright off angle but will it still be as bright off angle as my current 1.3 gain screen?
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