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sarangiman's Avatar sarangiman 07:38 PM 03-04-2013

The EluneVision screen only looks ~$200-$300 more expensive than the Da-Lite HP screen of this size... not entirely unreasonable. But is it better? Or the same?

plissken99's Avatar plissken99 09:13 PM 03-04-2013
Yeah I'm confused, the little they've told me doesn't add up. 1st they tell me that their Reference material "is a bit more colour accurate, and is much flatter than the Da-Lite's High-Power". Then in the next email after they are aware I currently have a high power screen they say that their material isn't "dramatically" different from high power. I'd guess they've done precisely what Draper did, get the same material, slap their brand on it and say theirs is the best.

Even how they claim a difference between the Reference material and the supposedly older and inferior "Vivid-Pro Cinema white", I'll bet they just rebranded it to keep up with the 4k marketing hype, and it's the exact same material. All that would explain why they don't offer screen samples. When every other company out there does, I don't see how they can expect to be trusted.
sarangiman's Avatar sarangiman 12:04 PM 03-05-2013
The "Vivid-Pro Cinema white" & Vivid-Pro Cinema grey", at least the 1.8 gain versions, were confirmed by EluneVision to be the same as the cheap Optoma GrayWolf glass-beaded screens. In other words, they have a ridiculous amount of texture (much much more than the HP screens). You see sparklies everywhere. That's one of the reasons I've been trying to replace the screen.

We just need to find out if the PureBright 4k material is the same as the HP material or not. I'm hoping 'not', so it's sourced from a different manufacturer, and then crossing my fingers it doesn't have banding.

This regress (from the HP 2.8) is ridiculous. Does no one make a high gain retroreflective screen with a narrow viewing cone that's actually acceptable? As I've said many times before, narrow viewing cone high-gain screens are absolutely essential for the lazy projection setup, where you don't want a batcave. I'm pretty sure there's literally no other type of screen that is as capable of maintaining the native projector contrast in these sorts of environments.
Gagorian's Avatar Gagorian 09:53 AM 06-01-2013

I grabbed a few pictures of my third High Power 119". There's clearly visible light vertical banding and darker horizontal bands.

My vendor has contacted Da-Lite and presented my pictures. Da-Lite wasn't happy the pictures were edited and asked for pictures in regular lighting and with an image projected on the screen, but really it's not easy to get it to show up on the images unless it's presented like this. My vendor then replied to Da-Lite but hasn't received a reply since in over 2 weeks. It seems Da-Lite isn't acknowledging the problem.
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