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mastermaybe's Avatar mastermaybe 06:30 AM 01-30-2013
Hi all:

I'll be purchasing my first PJ very soon and I'm looking at my screen options. I have no problem with DIY but after considering the $ I'd spend there and the time to construct, I figure if there's a viable $200 option for my rather smaller screen I'd consider it worthwhile.

the dirty:

12-13' feet away
pretty bright room (want to watch some sports during the day with the curtains drawn a bit), although very controllable in the evening for movies
Likely, a benq 1070 PJ, ~8' from screen

Here's the (3) issues I seem to be running into:

1. I've found some $200 (and less) options, but none seem to offer AT which I REALLY need as it (the screen) will be hanging in front of THIS:

2. Even some of those options seem to have (according to some reviews, anyway) considerable "flex" to them if not mounted to a wall. This of course would be an issue for me as I'll be hanging mine from the ceiling in "free air" so to speak, so the frame flexing under tension really isn't an option.

3. I suppose I'm open to a manual/motorized pull down, but I've really been discouraged by a lot of reviews in this price range re waves/lack of tension. Am I wrong? I hope I am because I'm open to it even though I think I'd prefer the look of a fixed screen that I could simply hang/remove when needed.

All this is rather temporary...I'll almost certainly be moving to a larger screen in my future space, that's why I have a low budget.

Kinda surprised me that more people don't do this in smaller spaces like (at least I didn't find many in my journey).

I was going to check today with jamestown screens re one of their 92" with AT material...although I didn't see anything on their site as to whether they even offer it (I'd think they do, though).

Any other options?

thanks a load!


WereWolf84's Avatar WereWolf84 06:52 AM 01-30-2013
there was many DIY spandex AT screen cases for your reference in DIY screen section that you might want to consider
mastermaybe's Avatar mastermaybe 07:19 AM 01-30-2013
^ thanks, I realize that, and as I said, I am. That said, after the considering the cost and time for DIY, I would like to know if $200 options exist, as I would consider them equitable alternatives.

airscapes's Avatar airscapes 07:24 AM 01-30-2013
You could do a DIY frame with real AT screen fabric but your budget has to go up.
I am a small space screen user, just upgraded from a 65" portable to a 110" pull down but I can only use 78" of the 110" with my current house, projector and room setup. BTW this is a used screen that was probably $1200 new which I got for $300. Also took 3 years for one to show up on my local craigs list..
Masked 78" of 110" Dalite Model C High Power 2.8
mastermaybe's Avatar mastermaybe 07:45 AM 01-30-2013
^ thanks my man.

Think I found my solution:


They'll custom make a "smaller" screen that won't obstruct my mains and center so I won't have to worry about AT, sub $200.


airscapes's Avatar airscapes 09:36 AM 01-30-2013
all screen manufactures will make screens to your spec.
Be careful with James Town, there have been reports for excessively long wait times. Do some forum searches before you buy.
WereWolf84's Avatar WereWolf84 05:05 PM 01-30-2013
James, perhaps you can consider EluneVision screens?
mastermaybe's Avatar mastermaybe 06:25 PM 01-30-2013
^ thanks air scape, I did look into them earlier and was "wowed" by the wait times. Ouch.

I had moved on to the 92" elite sable fixed for about $200. Seems to get pretty favorable reviews.

WW: thanks for the tip on elune- seems at this point they simply quote you for a given size and material or are there stateside dealers?

MM got my wheels going again in the DIY on a sinstra/hardboard DIY job for low bucks...considering that again, especially for the ultra low cost and somewhat temporary application.

Thanks guys!

Seegs108's Avatar Seegs108 01:43 AM 01-31-2013
You can check out Accuscreens. They make very affordable AT fixed frame screens screens. I have owned a 92" and a 106" AT screen in the past. They were wonderful products for the price.
mastermaybe's Avatar mastermaybe 04:54 AM 01-31-2013
^ not to be such a wet blanket, but I was all over accuscreen too...AT even!

Then I kept reading how VISUALLY transparent they also were, with people "complaining" (not too badly for the price of course) that even their white in wall speakers could be seen through the screen...even with the pj running.

With all of my black gear I just kind of threw it out...what was your experience?


Seegs108's Avatar Seegs108 09:06 AM 01-31-2013
I think you're mistaking the Accuscreen material for some other material. They use a VERY tight weave. You cannot see through the material. I think you're thinking of Elite Screens AT 1080p material. I bought one of those to test out and the weave was so bad even you could clearly see the weave/material from 15' away. I've heard good things about the 4K AT material they sell though. Like I said, for the money it's a fantastic product if you really want to go AT.
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