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miaohmy 02-16-2013 11:26 AM

Hello. This is my first post to an AVS forum, although I've referred to these posts for several years. After sifting through a few threads on inexpensive screens, I'm still having trouble deciding on a manual pull-down screen priced under $400.

I am working with an Epson 8350, and I mostly project movies at night (w/curtains to block out additional light). The ideal and maximum screen width (including the black border) is 90".

As a grad student, my budget is very tight—I'd rather not spend more than $300, although I'm willing to go up to $350/$400 for the right product.

Also, because of the layout of the room, DIY fixed screens aren't an option.

Does anyone have recommendations? Is there a big difference in quality between da-lite, draper, elite, and mustang? Are there other affordable brands that I'm missing?

While screen/image quality is my main concern, I'm also worried about the aesthetics of the screen and screen case itself. Are some cases and screens sleeker than others?

Thanks for your help!

- An AVS newbie

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