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griffindodd's Avatar griffindodd 12:53 PM 02-28-2013
Hi all,

I'm building a cabinet with two opposite sides that will be screens. I'm aiming to use RP on the screens with a short throw projector inside/below the cabinet displaying artwork.

My initial idea was to have the projector pointing 'up' into the cabinet and have two 45 degree angled mirrors split the projected image in two, top half going to one screen and bottom of the image going to the opposite screen.

Then I just create an artwork image that has the art mirrored top and bottom like so...

My screens aspect ratios are about 16:5 so splitting along the horizontal 16:10 image from my PJ would actually work quite well. My PJ has a minimum focal throw of 24" giving me a 60" image. My cabinet is 50" deep, 27" wide between the opposite screens and about 16" tall, so the idea is to project 'up into' the cabinet from underneath and bounce off of the 45 mirrors within the cabinet onto the screens on each side.

just wondering if I am going about this the right way or if there are other more reliable approaches to consider.



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