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rt99 03-01-2013 10:05 AM


I'm in the market for an inexpensive motorized tensioned 106 inch screen. I've narrowed it down to four options.

My room is 18 feet deep by 20 feet wide that opens into a 18x13 kitchen (really all one rectangular room) with a vaulted ceiling (10 feet high to 22 feet high). All white walls. Big bank of windows on the rear wall (with grey cellular shades). Ceiling height where the screen will go is about 18 feet.

The wall opposite the windows is where the TV/screen will go. There is a alcove (8 feet tall 9 feet wide by 2 feet deep) where I'll mount a 60 inch plasma and then have the screen installed at the top front of the alcove so it drops down in front of the plasma. Projector will be mounted on the rear wall at about 7 feet high. Seating position will be about 12-13 feet from the screen.

Plasma is for daytime, projector is for nighttime.

Screens I'm considering (all 16:9 motorized tensioned 106 inch screens)

Dragonfly High Contrast (DFM-TAB-106-HC)
VApex (Visual Apex) Cinema White (VAPEX9106TN)
Elite CineGrey (TE106HC2)
Monoprice HD Grey (7944)

My current projector is Panasonic PT-AX200U and I'm planning on upgrading to a PT-AR100U or PT-AE8000U in the next year or so.

Cost of VAPEX, Elite, and Monoprice are all about the same with the Dragonfly being about 50% more.

I was leaning towards the VAPEX screen, but I'm wondering what I'm giving up by going with a white screen (especially with all of my white walls). It will be primarily for nighttime viewing so maybe that helps.

Any suggestions?


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