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savora 03-22-2013 03:41 PM

I am new to ceiling projectors and I just want to confirm what I am reading from the Sony HW50es manual.

I have a 9 ft ceiling and am planning on a 12 foot throw distance to a 100 inch screen.

I would like to know how close can I place to the projector to the ceiling and still get the picture.

Planning to have the screen between 32 inches (bottom) and 82 inches (top) from the floor, thus center of screen would be 57 inches from floor.

The Sony HW50es manual states the maximum distance from the ceiling to be 45.5 inches to the center of the screen (9 foot ceiling - 45.5 inches = 62.5 inches).

Does this mean that I have to raise the screen? (I don't think so)

I am guessing that it really means the center of the lens has to be a maximum of 45.5 inches from the center of the screen. Thus if I purchase a 9 inch pipe, then I should be fine??

Let me know if this is incorrect.

I would appreciate your input .

Thanks very much.

work permit 03-23-2013 09:49 PM

See my response in your other post

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