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determined's Avatar determined 05:17 PM 05-23-2013

1. Budget is around $500 give or take
2. 92" viewing area
3. Light controlled room with no windows, dimmable lights
4. Fixed frame, white (no idea what grain)
5. BenQ 1070 projector
6. Will mainly be used for HD movies and Xbox/PS3 gaming

I'm doing my research as I'm new to the projector world. Trying to research now but welcoming any suggestions. Thanks!

AV Science Sales 5's Avatar AV Science Sales 5 06:44 AM 05-24-2013
92" gray screen, because you need to cut the brightness. I would also mount the projector toward the long throw side. The gray screen will help the black levels and the negative gain will also help. Another option is a 1.0 gain white screen and an ND filter.
determined's Avatar determined 09:52 PM 05-24-2013
Gray screen? I was under the assumption that with a light controlled room (no windows) and with a fairly low lumen count of the BenQ 1070, the white screen would be a better bet. The room is painted a dark red if that matters.
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