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ahkim 05-28-2013 10:57 PM

I decided to pull the trigger on a new projector to replace my Epson 8100. I've been projecting to a 144" screen painted on the wall with Behr flat paint, so nothing special. I briefly talked with AC Science and Visual Apex and would like the forums input on my screen decision.

I'm leaning towards a B-stock JVC RS45 but am also still considering the Epson 5010 or 5020. The projector decision is partly based on the screen size.

Some key points:
  • I'd like to go as large as possible without compromising image quality or brightness.
  • I like a bright image, something that pops.
  • 80% 2D Bluray movie watching; 20% HDTV
  • My budget is roughly $1000 for the screen. Fixed Frame.
  • Desired screen size is 120”-133”
  • Seating distance is 12’-15’
  • Projector distance is 12’-23’
  • I’m willing to do something to reduce light bounce on the ceiling and floor near the screen.

I have over $1000 of Best Buy gift cards that I’d like to use for the screen or projector if possible. They carry Screen Innovations and I was looking at their 120” budget screen. The other option is to get the Epson projector from them.

Using the projector calculator, it seems that the JVC is not bright enough for 130” without adding screen gain to 1.3 OR changing the zoom to 2x (are there any downsides to this?)

I’ve got three options:

1. Mike from AVS recommends a Carada Brilliant White with 1.2 gain, about $1100.

2. Visual Apex’s Line – 120”- 135” for about $500

3. Something from Best Buy:

3A: High end - Screen Innovations 120" with Solar 4K 1.3-gain screen material = $1400

3B: lower end - SI Sensation 120" with 1.0 gain screen material= $700

3C: Elite or some other brand they carry online.

So here’s where my questions start:

1. Can the JVC do 133”? If yes, what screen do you recommend?
2. Is there a difference in image quality between Visual Apex’s screen and Carada? I understand the Carada may be sturdier, but I’m more concerned about the image.
3. Any other suggestions or recommendations?

Thanks in advance!

Mike Garrett 05-29-2013 06:35 AM

My calculations give you higher Foot Lamberts than the above calculator. My numbers are based upon lumen output measured from reviews. In the above, I get 13.5 FL in best image mode low lamp and 18.5 FL in high lamp. That is with a 1.0 gain screen. I don't think you should do the 144" screen unless you are going to go with a lot more gain. I would go with 133" max and use a 1.2 to 1.3 gain screen. Also you would need to take care of the white ceiling and light colored floor near the screen. Also is there a reason seating could not be moved closer?

ahkim 05-29-2013 11:49 AM

Mike, the photo shows the seats at 15-16' from the screen. I can move it as close as 12' but then the seats block the curtain pull strings and the patio sliding doors.

120" is the smallest I'd like to go but would prefer 133" if I don't lose out on the image quality or brightness. Will there be a noticeable difference between the two sizes?

Also, thanks for posting the specs in terms of FL, but I'm not really sure what that means since I don't have a visual comparison to know what would make me happy. I guess I'm relying on you and the forums as to what is considered bright enough.

Thanks again.

On another note, should I post another thread about how to treat the area above and below the screen? Any ideas or suggestions? Maybe flat black paint on the ceiling and a black riser for the floor???

Mike Garrett 05-29-2013 03:36 PM

Sent you a PM. smile.gif

ahkim 06-06-2013 02:50 PM

I didn't want to threadjack the below thread that's similar to my question:

I got the RS45 yesterday and it's great. It's projecting on my wall at 120". In fact, it looked so good that I'm questioning the need to spend $1400 on the SI Solar 4K screen. Based on reviews, I decided to go with the SI over the Carada. Primary reason is that it has more gain and my JVC in low light mode could use the extra gain.

Here's my questions:

1. The Accucal screen report by Jeff states that the SI Solar is his 2nd choice and that he liked it. He mentioned that it does shimmer. That concerns me. How noticeable is it? Would you considering it to be a red-flag? I haven't got the sample yet.

2. Is a screen really $1400 better than my painted wall? In the 20 mins I watched a bluray last night, I was thinking, how can this get much better? To anyone else who has been in my shoes, did you notice a dramatic improvement in the image quality? I understand I'm asking this question to an enthusiast group so I'm sure you'll say it's worth it, but I'm having a hard time justifying it.

ahkim 06-10-2013 07:30 PM

I got my screen samples from Carada and wanted to share my observations as well as ask for any input about question #2 above.

First photo shows the samples taped up on the wall/screen.

Samples from left to right: High Contrast Grey, Brilliant White, Classic Cinema White.

Here's what's shocking to me, the Classic Cinema White (CCW) is almost a perfect match to the painted screen. See the two samples below, I used arrows to show where the screen material is.

So I'm hoping someone can chime in, I've never had a real screen, and frankly after watching a few scenes with the samples taped up, the CCW was nearly invisible. Can someone tell me that I'm going to be getting my money's worth ($1400 for a screen)?

I'm content with the picture quality, but if there are people out there that were in a similar situation as me, I'd like to hear if you noticed a big improvement after installing a screen. I'm willing to drop the money to buy a screen, but why spend the money if the improvement is marginal...that's my logic.

Thanks in advance!

By the way, BD player is an Oppo 103.

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