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WaltPrz's Avatar WaltPrz 05:01 PM 06-06-2013
I'm looking for the best screen (according to my economic reality) to accompany the Epson 5020. Can a quality 110 inch screen be purchased for around (or less than) a thousand dollars? Thanks to anyone who might be able to offer me some instruction.

Crabalocker's Avatar Crabalocker 05:10 PM 06-06-2013
To answer your question, yes.

To be honest I've seen projectors on good screens, cheaper screens, At screens, a painted wall designed to be a screen and a plain wall. All looked great in my opinion and think you'd only know the difference if the screens were side by side. As long as the screen is well made with no defects you'll probably never really know the difference or what you're missing. The only way you might is if you're sitting closer than 10 feet or if using a specialty screen ie: high powered, gray screen etc.
WaltPrz's Avatar WaltPrz 09:13 AM 06-07-2013
Thanks for the reply. This seems to go counter to what I, in my sort of layman's understanding, have been able to detect as possible problems with the screen. I've read that some screens, due to rolling up and down warp and can show visual distortions through these warps. I've also read some screens don't produce black levels as well as others. Are some better for 3-D? And what if you prefer to be closer to the image, in the 10'-12' range, will some screens provide a stronger image than others? If these are real problems, than my question still remains, can they be avoided within the budget I have set for myself, if so any recommendations would be welcome, if not, how far outside of my budget would I need to go?
Crabalocker's Avatar Crabalocker 06:27 PM 06-07-2013
It sounds like you want an electric screen. Make sure you get a tab tensioned screen. The 5020 produces excellent blacks so you won't have to worry about blacks. That projector throws a ton of light so at 110", again no worries. If you watch with ambient light, maybe get a gray screen.

I wouldn't want to sit closer than 10 or 11 feet because you might start seeing the pixel structure from the LCD projector aka the screen door effect. Like I said above, although there will be a bit of a difference with better screens, you won't notice unless you have them side by side. Only then you might say...ahh now I see the difference. Get a screen that fits your budget., make sure it has a nice texture with no noticeable defects, calibrate the projector to the screen and enjoy.

I'm surprised there hasn't been a bunch of screen recommendation from others on the form. Hmm, I wouldn't sweat it that much but hopefully you'll get some recommendations.

Good luck!
Misha Nayar's Avatar Misha Nayar 06:59 PM 06-07-2013
I am installing the Epson 5020 with a grandview Cyber 120" 16:9. The screen is less than a $1,000. Does anyone have any comments on Grandview. Would love to know before i get it next week.

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