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squigly1 07-05-2013 03:02 PM


I will be getting a Benqw1070 projector. For the sceeen I'm going to go with the Elunevision 4K Reference 108". The room is 20ft long, 11ft wide, 7ft high. The top of the screen will be 9" from the ceiling. Ceiling and screen wall will be black, as will probably 6ft of side wall. Not yet sure on the rest of the wall colour. Does anyone think this screen is not a good choice?


yourtoys7 07-05-2013 05:45 PM

I'm thinking of same screen just not sure if I'm gonna go with AT or reg.

majek 60 07-11-2013 06:56 AM

I have the same screen in a 12.5 wide by 17.5 long with an 8' ceiling. I have a flat black screen wall, ceiling and med/dark neutral gray walls. I am using a JVC X35 projector and the PQ is just fantastic.

textech1996 07-23-2013 06:00 PM

What did you decide? I'm looking for a screen for a benq1070 in a 21x20x10 ft light controlled media room.

squigly1 07-24-2013 06:06 AM

Unless I change my mind which is unlikely I'll be going for the Elunevison.

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