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Harry Muscle's Avatar Harry Muscle 10:30 PM 09-11-2013
I currently have a Elite Screens ezFrame Gray Screen situated about 20 feet from the nearest window and it does a decent job in the living room once the blinds are shut and most of the lights are turned off. However, we'll be moving soon and in the new place the screen is going to be about 1 foot from a window. I don't think this screen is going to acceptably handle the close proximity to such a strong source of ambient light so I'm starting to do research on an alternative screen that will behave better.

From what I've read the best screen for dealing with ambient light is probably the Black Diamond Screen, but spending over $2000 on just the screen is too much ... at that cost I might as well go for a 75" TV smile.gif

So I'm looking for suggestions on what screens to consider that will cope better with increased ambient light. Any recommendations are highly appreciated.


P.S. Since we'll be sitting closer to the screen in the new place I'll be probably looking for a screen around 80".

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