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Nanto1984 12-05-2013 05:32 AM

Good Morning,


I have some questions about screen installation.


According to Projector Central calculator, for our projector (the new Optoma HD121Xe) and screen (Electric100h) combo, the middle of the projector lens should be 8" above the top of the screen.  The screen, according to Elite, has a top border of about 5".  The projector mount alone hangs about 5" down before the projector can be mounted. How would this work, if I install the screen directly into the ceiling (as I've seen people do)? 


Am I misinterpreting the Projector Central information?


What do most people do? Do they wall mount or use hanging brackets for a ceiling mount?


Anyone know of an Elite Screen installation video showing a ceiling mount? I would love to see that.



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