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mfein 12-06-2013 12:43 PM

I am considering getting my first projector and could use some advice. After some research, I think I have settled on the Epson 5030UB. It would be going into my Living Room / Family Room, and would need to serve two purposes. One is for more serious movie watching, in which case I will be able to eliminate most of the light in the room. The other is for more general TV watching with the lights on. I know that the image quality, brightness, etc will degrade with the lights on, I am not expecting it to be anything spectacular just for it to be watchable (maybe even look good). I have seen demos of the SI BD screens which seem capable of delivering for my needs, but at $7,000 for a motorized version is too expensive. Is there anything out there that can deliver as good of an image or at least close to it in ambient light at a lower price? 

I am including a diagram of the room with has a 7’ 8” ceiling height. Unfortunately I don’t have a real light meter but I did take some reading with the “whitegood LightMeter” app on my iPhone. With all the lights on it reads 21 LUX in most of the room and 31 LUX (~3’ from the ceiling)  directly under the light bulb. The lights wouldn’t need to be on that high while watching the projector but something close to it would be great. As for screen placement, I have a bay window in the room which has light blocking blinds on it and would like something motorized to drop down in front of it. 


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Greg_R_STL 12-13-2013 09:35 AM

One thing to keep in mind is, very few people are up on the latest and greatest screens, so 'BD' to most of us means blu-ray disc, not Black Diamond. That said, it's a pretty unique product line, and I haven't read of anything else that could replace it. One good read is Jeff Meier's comparison of many of the current screen materials on the market: http://www.accucalhd.com/documents/accucal_front_projection_screen_report.pdf He's a well respected calibration expert and it's a pretty exhaustive list.

mtmason 12-13-2013 04:11 PM

Try looking into the Stewart Firehawk. It's a great light shedding material. In theory it's only a little less than BD, but I don't know how you get to 7k. You might want to contact AVScience as they're dealers for both manufacturers (I believe). I know they represent Stewart for sure. Motorized adds a ton to the cost, I've been looking at the same thing. Good luck.


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