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jonowakes's Avatar jonowakes 06:17 PM 03-16-2014
I just moved into a new house and am upgrading the existing theater. I am starting with some builder grade in walls, a Panasonic PT-AE4000U projector which I plan to keep, and some framed paint on the wall. I picked up an denon x4000 receiver, an oppo bdp103, a psa xs30, and a harmony remote (still waiting for all to be delivered). I plan to upgrade the 3 front speakers to some triad silver lcr's but have yet to pull the trigger.

Now all that is left is to pick up a screen which I know nothing about. I am looking for a basic fixed frame screen to compliment this projector. Currently the painted wall screen is at 120" which seems about right for the space. Center seat viewing position is about 13.5' back. It is in the basement and the lights can be shut off, but I picture myself watching some sports or whatever on it with some light on while I'm playing pool or watching the kid play. Decent off axis viewing would be a plus.

Any recommendations? Trying to keep it to around $1000 and get best value for my money but I am a little flexible. I am also located in Calgary Canada if that makes a difference on the recommendation.

jonowakes's Avatar jonowakes 06:20 PM 03-16-2014

Here is one more showing the rest of the basement. I have since mounted a tv at the bar.
Steve Benkin's Avatar Steve Benkin 04:08 PM 03-18-2014
I am in pretty much the same boat. With that white ceiling and light colors, I am looking to a good screen that can handle ambient light and light walls/ceiling/carpet. Right now, pretty much looks like Draper React 2.1 is the only way to go for me. Not cheap though...
Kamikaze13's Avatar Kamikaze13 08:52 PM 04-11-2014
I'm happy with my Grand View screen which I bought from
You can also look at EluneVision from
Elite Sable from
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