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JayG30 04-29-2014 08:06 AM

Looking for some advice. Our company moved into a new building and we have a conference room roughly 30'L x 15'W. It was determined that a projector would be needed as a 70" LCD wasn't going to cut it. The issue is the lighting is not very optimal for a conference room or projector. This may perhaps get addressed down the line but for right now I have to deal with it and get the right solution. There are windows around the outside half of the room that result in a TON of ambient light. Fortunately they do have dark blinds that help but certainly aren't blackout blinds. Also the lights are florescent ones you find in industrial buildings and there are no dimmers. One is even directly over where the screen will be placed. Hopefully this will be the first thing addressed in the future. Even so, I think this room will have a decent amount of light in it and I want to make sure I get the right screen for a conference room (not a home theatre). And as always, my budget is always "cheap as possible and still get the job done". Eventually the projector that will be used is probably going to be something like the Epson EX6220, Epson BrightLink 436Wi, or if money is available something like a Epson PowerLite Pro G6900W. I mention this because I think all of these have pretty significant lumens to combat the ambient light issues.

I'm looking at screen in the 100-120" range. I'm not sure if what color I should go with, white or a gray. I've read that the gray helps black levels and contrast in ambient light. Obviously useful when talking about home theater. However for a conference room I'm not sure gray would be the right thing or not.

Then I'm trying to determine what screen to get. The way I see it is I have two categories I can realistically look at:
  1. The budget screens like the Elite Sable or EzFrame that would run me <$500. These seem pretty nice actually with the aluminum frame, although I'm not sure about the spray on velvet. Or perhaps the Monoprice screen? If you were trying to get the most out of your money for under $500 what would you get?
  2. Something between $500 and $1k. I'm thinking I could get a Da-Lite in this price range. Although I'm not sure what model to look at for my needs.

I have to make this decision rather quick because the company is having a big meeting next week and this just got sprung on me the other day. So any assistance would be great.


JayG30 04-29-2014 10:21 AM

I think I've come to a discussion on a Elite sableframe 100" screen. I think I'm going to go with the regular cinewhite. I was thinking about perhaps going with the Cinegray 5D but I'm not sure if that would be wise.

Craig Peer 05-01-2014 01:28 PM

You might just get a basic matt white screen and a higher lumen projector. Can you turn off 1/2 of the lighting during presentations? That will probably help ( along with being able to turn off that light right over the screen ) more than any gray screen. If it's a Powerpoint presentation, it's not that critical, eh?

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