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Screens > can be a big mirror placed against projector screen in the opposite site of the room?
noescape's Avatar noescape 09:53 PM 05-04-2014

I was trying to google it without luck, so maybe somebody will help me here...


I have an apartment with side ocean view and want to put huge mirror (250 cm wide, 100 cm tall) to the wall so I can see the ocean in the mirror all the time.


But right against the mirror I have got a 110" projector screen. The room is about 4.5 m wide so the mirror is 4.5 m from screen.


The question is: Will the mirror affect the picture? Will I see reflection from the mirror on my screen?


Thank you very much for any help

ben38's Avatar ben38 01:41 AM 05-05-2014
Any surface that reflects light into the room will affect the picture. Without seeing the room, I don't know if you'll see reflections on your screen. If i were a betting man i'd put my money on yes.
Sonyad's Avatar Sonyad 06:25 AM 05-05-2014
I've have a pull down screen in front of my tv. I have sometimes left the tv on behind the screen and had no clue the tv was on. Unlike your mirror, the tv was generating light, so I think you'll be fine as long as your screen has a solid backing.
joikd's Avatar joikd 07:48 AM 05-05-2014
The wall that the couch in my living room is backed up against is all mirrors. The opposite wall where my 110" screen is mounted is about 15 feet away. I have a blackout curtain on the sliding glass door to the side. The only issue I have is if the blackout curtain gets pulled a little open on the back end--light sneaks in and reflects off of the mirror, and washes out the screen. Easy fix, though--just adjust the curtain.
Sonyad's Avatar Sonyad 09:02 AM 05-05-2014
Wait, will your mirror be perpendicular to the screen? That might be a problem.
noescape's Avatar noescape 03:37 PM 05-05-2014

Thank you very much for everyones input. I have made a photo, so it can be more clear, since my english is not so good.


I will use the projector only at night. Ignore the temporary cabling.


Will the mirror reflect the picture from screen back to screen ???


Thank you


joikd's Avatar joikd 03:55 PM 05-05-2014
That's the same setup that I have. I have only the issue stated above, but that is during the day. I have no issues at night--I don't notice anything at all out of the ordinary.
noescape's Avatar noescape 04:02 PM 05-05-2014

Thank you very much joikd. I am happy to hear that. Does somebody else has this setup?

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