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David Bott 11-05-1999 06:02 AM

Draper has now told us the actual screen gain is 2.3 for the new M2500 that has been shipping for a few months. This is the official number that will be published in print and on their site when all the changes are complete. (sales books, slicks, web, etc) It takes time to get all that done and they do not want to waist what they already have printed.

We get a lot of shipping time requests...Depending if it is "Stock" size, it can be two weeks before it goes out. If it is a custom size, about 3-5 weeks. In any case, Draper drop ships our orders right to you (saves a lot of time, thanks Draper). That is except for over sea orders...they must come to us first and then out the door. Some stock sizes are available in our AVS QuikStore, custom sizes need to be called into us.

David Bott
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AV Science Webmaster

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